SPIBelt Pik Polka

Great for Runners!

This belt is absolutely great for runners that need to bring along some of their stuffs while running. Things like house keys, money, tissue, cell phone and energy gel are inevitable during your run and having them inside your pockets might not suitable for activities. But with this small and lightweight belt this problem can be solved easily.

It fits very snug at your waist and does not bounce or shift while running or doing any vigorous activities. It is easily adjustable too and the small pouch expands nicely to accommodate more things. Don’t worry as it fits bigger phones like the Blackberry and iPhone.

The belt is made of stretchable material so you can put odd shape items in it without any issues. The SPIBelt also allows you to clip your mp3 player and pepper spray on it for easy access.

At an affordable price of $19.99 (as on November 30th 2013), this belt is absolutely a ‘must have’ running gear.


SPIBelt - Small Personal Item Red

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