New Balance Women's Go 2 Capri

The New Balance Go 2 Capri women’s running tights fit extremely well, not too tight and not too loose – just nice and tight. They are also super comfortable and you’ll absolutely love the feeling when you run. Made from a very stretch and thin material, this running capri is just great when you work out or run in a warm weather condition.

Featuring a elastic waistband, this running capri also has an internal drawstring for a more secure and comfortable fit. If you get a bigger size than you use to, then this drawcord is absolutely useful to adjust the fit.

For carrying small items, this Go 2 Capri have two pockets for that purpose; one at the back and the other one on the front right leg (it’s on the inside, right by the hipbone – useful to carry your house key).

If you’re looking for a great piece of running capri but do not want to spend too much on one, then you should check the NB Go 2 Capri, else you might want to take a look at the Nike running capri.


New Balance Go 2 Capri New Balance Running Capri

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