Nathan Strobe Light Green On

For runners who prefer to gather the miles at night or early in the morning, staying visible is a must in order to avoid being hit by a vehicle. One of the best reflective and lighting gears for running that’s available in the market is the Nathan Strobe Light.

This strobe light is slim, lightweight, small and it’s even waterproof. It is powered by two pieces of CR2032 batteries which you can easily find at any convenient stores. Replacing the batteries are super easy, just pop open the bottom with your fingernail or a quarter and have them replaced, that’s it.

You can set the light to be constant on or strobe, whichever you prefer. The strobe is bright and fast and that’s mean it will be hard for anyone to miss you, well… unless the person is drunk. This little device can be securely fastened onto clothing, belt or gear such as the camelbak hydrobak. You can be assured that it stays put when you’re in action – there are multiple teeth on the clip so that it works as what it is supposed to. Not body wants a reflective running gear that falls out easily and get lost while in action.

If you’re looking for a strobe light to complement your reflective vest than you should take this into consideration. Available in four different colors: green, red, orange and pink, this small strobe light device can be brought from Amazon at a low price.


Nathan Strobe Light

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