Camelbak HydroBak 50 oz Hydration Pack Charcoal Red

Designed for long distance run, the Camelbak Hydrobak’s antidote reservoir can hold up to 1.5 litres (50 oz) of water. This allow you to have an easy way to stay hydrated during race or training, especially if you run in trail.

This hydration pack is just perfect if you hate carrying water bottles in both of your hands or stopping at drinks stations to replenish your body during marathons. Each stopping costs you time and you don’t want to risk that. Don’t let your training go wasted. Achieving PB in any races is a must for all runners.

Back to the hydration gear, you will find a tube that connects to the bladder for external access. This design is a truly hands free hydration system that won’t interfere with your run. To make it even more awesome, there is a clip on the shoulder strap that holds the tube just right near your mouth for quick access. No slowing down if you don’t need to since Camelback has deal with that.

When not in action, the reservoir can be taken out and used to carry stuffs like tablet, phone, keys, book, wallet and even few items of clothing. If you don’t mind the sporty look of this pack, it is absolutely perfect when heading to Starbucks for your favorite cuppa.

Available in four different colors: black, red/charcoal, blue and racing red; this hydration pack does not drill a hole in your pocket to own.

Camelbak HydroBak Hydration Pack BlueCamelbak HydroBak 50 oz Hydration Pack BlackCamelbak HydroBak Hydration Pack Red

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