Amphipod Vizlet LED Wearable Reflectors

The Amphipod Vizlet LED reflectors are great for runners and walkers who enjoys going out during early in the morning or after the sun has set. Come in a pair, this Vizlet Wearable Triangle make you be seen in the front and also from the back. These reflectors have magnet in the inside, which are very powerful and you can be sure that they won’t slide off when you run.

These LED reflectors are super lightweight, weigh just less than 1/2 ounce and they powered by small battery which can be found at your local drugstore and convenient store. Each unit has a simple press button on and off to activate the ultra flashing LED light.

The body of the reflectors are painted with reflective color (works as those normal reflector accessories) and so even when the  LED is off the whole thing still works as a great fantastic reflective gear. When is on, the LED makes you to be seen in low light environment and for that, so you are actually getting double features for a single product.

Come in three different colors (neon yellow, neon orange and neon pink), the Amphipod Vizlet LED Triangle cost $14.99 per pair (as of Feb 8th 2014) and for some these reflectors are simply better than those large red LED AA battery powered lights. Consider adding this piece into your reflective gear and accessory collection.

Amphipod Vizlet LED Amphipod Vizlet LED Reflector
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